The Art of Logistics

The Art of Logistics has many possibilities. An image-object like this can become a clue. But that must wait, it is included here for chronological reasons, rather than by concept. Sometimes that’s how it works and I am trying to catch up with time, fully aware of how it slips in the opposite direction toContinue reading “The Art of Logistics”

You’ll always find me in the Party at Kitchens

We all know that sinking feeling. Trapped by someone at a social occasion who has one topic of conversation; their new fitted kitchen. One must not act out individual rebellion nor be rude, but turn the conversation to the Frankfurt Kitchen and the necessity of good quality housing for all. Social conditions have changed. WhileContinue reading “You’ll always find me in the Party at Kitchens”

EFFY-N Bulk Carrier (general cargo)

The ship’s voyage since the beginning of June includes Durban, Richards Bay and Saldanha Bay in South Africa. Then to Rotterdam Botlek and on to St Petersburg. It is now on its way to Iskenderun in Turkey. Iskenderun is a major port and industrial centre with a large steel plant. It is close to theContinue reading “EFFY-N Bulk Carrier (general cargo)”

Supra – Bulk Carrier

On its way from Gdansk, Poland to Cartagena, Spain. I have been reading German Cities and Bourgeois Modernism, 1890-1924 by Maiken Umbach. An excellent book. There are no examples of bourgeois modernism around the port area, but there are some impressive concrete structures and infrastructure engineering. The lichens and sea weed experience a great dealContinue reading “Supra – Bulk Carrier”