Commonwealth of Independent States

The container ship Banak on route to Norfolk, United States from Rotterdam Maasvlakte. Banak departed on Saturday 26 December 2020 and is expected to arrive on 6 January 2021. It sails under a flag of convenience based in the Marshall Islands. This collection of coral atolls in the Pacific Ocean is an associate state ofContinue reading “Commonwealth of Independent States”

Land and Property

The relationship between landowners and big business is a capitalist one. In the middle ages there was no big business, but there were landowners. While many other classes of society were eliminated by the development of capitalism (the peasantry, guild workers, knights) the landowners remained. They are still with us today. Land is a sourceContinue reading “Land and Property”

Here’s a truck stop instead of St Peter’s

I’ve noticed women driving trucks recently, usually from Poland, based on the licence plates. The right-wing neo-liberal government in Poland would do well to note that women don’t usually see their lives as being consigned to the bedroom. If they can drive trucks, operate machinery, write computer programmes, teach children, perform surgery and provide theContinue reading “Here’s a truck stop instead of St Peter’s”