Chez nous, chez nous…le Notre Dame de Chartes

The more time spent inside, outside and in the environs of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Chartres the more puzzling it all becomes. Different theories exist about how the cathedral was built, what the iconography and images represent and whether it expresses a sacred geometry. The building is the result of several building campaignsContinue reading “Chez nous, chez nous…le Notre Dame de Chartes”

Neo-Liberalism & the Destruction of Paris

Paris has a terrible system for buying metro tickets. I’m ahead of myself having managed to catch the early morning train from Orleans to Paris Austerlitz. But here my plan to make further progress is tripped up by a queue of people waiting to use the single machine at the metro station. It takes meContinue reading “Neo-Liberalism & the Destruction of Paris”

Art Deco & Electro-Gothic

Before one can start any sort of study there must be a great obstacle course of diversions to navigate through. And so the real study of the Gothic met a temporary set back today by hitting the submerged rocks of Art Deco. My little ship contains a notebook, a pen, some pencils, a sketch bookContinue reading “Art Deco & Electro-Gothic”