A Latin Mass

London feels different on an early Saturday morning. There are few people around and the streets can be appreciated without the domination of motorism. To study Victoria and Pimlico in more depth I am walking up and down streets, exploring each road that leads off, looking behind the facades at the delivery areas, walking inContinue reading “A Latin Mass”

Pimlico, in Passing

I took the early train. The man at the station is friendly and we had a chat about the morning so far; although it was still early, a lot has happened. The train had few people on it but I had work to do, and in that state, one rarely notices. Thick fog everywhere, butContinue reading “Pimlico, in Passing”

Buying Baklava

The woman in the shop turned to me while I was looking at the counter where the cakes are on display in a glass case. She was organising things on the shelves, I didn’t notice what. ‘Do you want something darling’, she asked demurely. She turned her head and looked at me with her blackContinue reading “Buying Baklava”

The Return of The Workers

I noticed in the supermarket a young woman cashier with long black straggly hair. She was wearing a black sweatshirt and it had writing along the lines of ‘Key Worker – feeding the nation’. She was working hard. A check out till is a conveyor belt and there is constant pressure to speed up. ButContinue reading “The Return of The Workers”

Raw Elemental Sea Power

Suddenly everything changed. It was the hiss and fizz of the water, the swish of stones in the white surf, the grey waves rolling up and laying themselves across the sea shore. The running up of water along the beach. I love the greyness, the noise, the wind that rips the flecks off the waves,Continue reading “Raw Elemental Sea Power”

Sea Port Dreaming

The day was like a dream. The air, the atmosphere, the ambiance had the quality of a dream. As if one was within the world and simultaneously outside it. Words were needed to describe this dream but dreams and words and words and dreams are different things. They operate in different ways and exist inContinue reading “Sea Port Dreaming”

Level 10

Homogenised light, homogenised life. Under communism everything will look the same. Everything looks the same. Do we now have communism? The light washes out the day, this light washes out my soul. I forget where I was, that I live part-time, what seems like a whole life inside this corporate environment. These are the hardContinue reading “Level 10”

Corporate Culture

On the train late at night. The colour is washed out of everyone, the colour of their lives; the sparkling life of their souls is flat. Everyone is grey, lifeless, dead skin deadliness. The man in the seat on the opposite side of the aisle is slumped forward with this head squashed up against theContinue reading “Corporate Culture”

Sunday Morning, E15

The vote count for the 1892 General Election for the West Ham South constituency was held here (now the Old Town Hall, Stratford). When it was announced that Keir Hardie was the winner he went on to the balcony and addressed a crowd of between 15 – 20,000 people. β€œOn taking his seat on 3Continue reading “Sunday Morning, E15”

Let’s Change the Way We Shop

Immersed. Immersed in projects about radical histories, radical walks, radical talks. The term Radical has an interesting history, a keyword in the Raymond Williams sense. The projects all link together with the State of the World and How that Might be Changed. But I need a break, an interruption, an interregnum. Something connected but notContinue reading “Let’s Change the Way We Shop”


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