I am very pleased with my still new-ish new camera, a Panasonic Lumix TZ330. The more use it gets, the more functions it reveals. Reading manuals has never been a strong point. I find appropriating technology is a much better way to learn. There are subtle differences in the settings in these photographs which areContinue reading “Experiment”


Titania, vehicle carrier, Bremenhaven to Southampton. Visby, ro-ro/ passenger ship, Dunkerque to Rosslare. This is a new service connecting Ireland to France to avoid ‘Brexit delays’ in Britain. The sky turned grey and sleet fell. I went to the shops and then walked home.

Eco Future (?)

The crude oil carrier, Eco Future which has a 299999 t DWT capacity. It is sailing to Mongstad, Norway from Dongjiakou, China. The port of Dongjiakou is one of the 10th largest ports of the world. The website of the port authority flies the flag of the Chinese Communist Party. The hills of France coveredContinue reading “Eco Future (?)”

A Bracing Walk

Snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures, sea state rough, wind northeast 5 to 7, increasing gale 8 at times. It’s reasonable to say that this was a bracing walk. If only the government hadn’t given Serco £22 billion pounds for a track and trace system that doesn’t work, there might be some money to pay to gritContinue reading “A Bracing Walk”

Inland Border Facility

The small village of Guston is the location for an new Inland Border Facility. It will be a customs clearance facility for 1,200 lorries. Work has already started so it is unclear as to the purpose of the ‘community consultation’. Local people have stated they received little notice of these plans and that the projectContinue reading “Inland Border Facility”

Walking to Calais

The container ship Argolikos en route to Le Havre from Antwerp. Sailing west past the port and town of Calais. There are continual competitive power struggles between units of capital. And yet at the same time there exists cooperation at a global level., Telecommunications masts on the French coast. The internationalization of communications. Wind turbinesContinue reading “Walking to Calais”

Magleby Maersk

One of the largest container ships in the world, the Magleby Maersk, a Triple-E container ship. It has a crew of between 20 – 30. The navigation, control and maintenance of ships has changed from being labour intensive to capital intensive. In the process, ships have become bigger, faster and stronger than previously. It isContinue reading “Magleby Maersk”

Discordia at the Border

The expansion of capital must be continuous and uninterrupted. Commodities – including labour power – must constantly exchange. The ships below are organized to arrive at their destinations at precise times. There are penalties for missing time slots in ports. The lorries are stuck in border checks and controls. These delays impact directly on theContinue reading “Discordia at the Border”


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