Stepping Out

It is a peculiar sensation to feel as if stepping back into one’s own life. The recent past appears to have been the experience of another person, someone else, not me. There was a sense of a second phase. But a second phase of what exactly, unclear. It’s not as if I’ve been idle. AContinue reading “Stepping Out”

Money, or the Distribution of Commodities (and the circulation of people)

It is unlikely that Westfield Shopping Centre was constructed as a living laboratory in which to study commodity fetishism. But as a laboratory for such a study it is a surprisingly good one. Here can be found the products of global production and also working-labour and consuming-labour from around the world. Where does this magneticContinue reading “Money, or the Distribution of Commodities (and the circulation of people)”

Theses on the Expansion of Capital and the Destruction of London

I Capital has no interest in history other than how it can be commodified into tradition and heritage. Tradition and heritage must be constantly manufactured and re-manufactured in a distorted image of the past. In the process the contradictions of Capital and class tensions appear to be resolved. But this is just appearance. The traditionContinue reading “Theses on the Expansion of Capital and the Destruction of London”

Abstract Concrete Alienation

The world produces too much, and not enough. Too much of the wrong things; nuclear bombs, anti-personnel mines, hypersonic missiles. And not enough food, medicines, good quality housing, schools, kindergartens. There is an endless building boom in Britain and a never ending housing crisis. There is a shortage of homes and a surplus of emptyContinue reading “Abstract Concrete Alienation”

Calais, Texas

On the beach at Calais I was thinking of something that was said when Solidarity started in Poland in 1980. Perhaps it was just a throw away remark. The sort of casual conversation that happens a million times a day but never crystallises into something more solid. It was just an observation along the linesContinue reading “Calais, Texas”

Memory of a Demonstration

The burly man in an orange high-vis jacket stepped back from the opening door of the train. He made a gesture for me to board.‘After you’, I said, moving back a foot on the platform, ‘you’re the driver’.‘Is this train going up to London?’‘Yes, but I’m only going as far as Ashford’, he looked atContinue reading “Memory of a Demonstration”

Fitzrovia, Friday evening

At some point there has been a break in the continuum. The early ages can be traced out in more linear fashion. The buildings of Fitzroy Square, designed by the architect Robert Adam in the 1790s are not that remote from the arts and crafts influenced buildings of Belmont House and Tower House in CandoverContinue reading “Fitzrovia, Friday evening”


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