Nature & Humans

Rock scrambling is good fun. But always check the tides! Apparently it’s possible to walk from the base of Shakespeare’s cliff to Samphire Hoe. And from there to Folkestone, and then Westward Ho! Why, one might end up at the Cornish coast if time allows.

I did recently meet someone who had set off from the Isle of Wight and was walking around the coast of Britain, ‘for as long as it takes’. Wild camping and living off-grid. ‘No work because of lock-down’. He had rented out his flat, packed a rucksack and off he went.

One has to walk carefully over the rocks. It encourages looking down and slow observation. There is great beauty and interest. The metal object must have come from a ship. It’s about a metre long. It’s not obvious from the photograph, but part of it is made of wood, which has been severely burnt. An explosion? There are many wrecks off the coast here.

And in places, piles of plastic waste. There is something arrogant, ignorant and selfish about people who foul the only nest we have, planet earth.

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