EFFY-N Bulk Carrier (general cargo)

The ship’s voyage since the beginning of June includes Durban, Richards Bay and Saldanha Bay in South Africa. Then to Rotterdam Botlek and on to St Petersburg. It is now on its way to Iskenderun in Turkey. Iskenderun is a major port and industrial centre with a large steel plant. It is close to the Syrian border. It would be interesting to know what exactly it is that is being carried. Weapons are regularly shipped to the eastern Mediterranean which fuel the wars in Syria and Yemen.

Britain is a major arms producer and British made weapons and bombs are regularly used against civilian populations, housing blocks, schools and hospitals. The media in Britain largely works to ignore or hide the images of what high explosives do to innocent people. The instability caused by oppressive regimes in the Middle East and western bombs and guns is part of the relentless violence and pressure which forces people to flee their homes and make dangerous journeys to try and find safety. They often leave loved ones behind in prisons and camps, and will lose all of their possessions, including housing, in the process. For some, the Narrow Seas will be the last part of a long, arduous and threatening journey.

Guns, warships, cluster bombs, land mines, poison gases, missiles, anti-personal weapons can traverse these seas. But not, it seems, people.

Whole industries, police forces, border posts and technologies have been developed to keep the flow of goods moving, and the flow of people controlled and trapped.

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