IDA – Bulk Carrier

The bulk carrier IDA on its way from Gdansk, Poland to Tarragona in Spain. It was a wet day but the wind has dropped since yesterday at least on the actual coast. Out to sea the clouds were moving quickly, forming and changing shape. Sheets of rain appeared and disappeared.

But I’ve got writer’s block for ships and clouds and sea…I’ve been reading Catherine Bauer’s brilliant book Modern Housing all weekend. I went out to get some fresh air rather than to think about the natural world and the art of logistics. The three hours of hard walking certainly blew something away, although cobwebs may be another matter.

It was light I wanted. There was certainly lots of that, ever changing. The sun did some good tricks, hiding behind clouds and then briefly shining through. One gets a sense of something else, a greater power, the divine light. But all of that must wait. There are at least six more weeks of housing….and then it may be a case of coming up for (more) air.

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