Fading light, into sunset

The light was fading and ships started to become blurred shapes on the horizon. There was plenty of light high in the sky, and in the west, where the sun was setting with a lot of colour and intense light.

I could not get the settings correct on the camera for ship photographs and they have come out in a style which could be described as industrial impressionism.

Stina Kosan is a LPG (liquid petroleum gas) carrier on its way from Beutzfleth in Germany to Sines in Portugal.

Moezelburg (cargo/ container) is sailing from Middlesbrough to Agadir in Morocco.

Vivid sunsets tend to gain the keyword, ‘beautiful’. It’s a strange word and I’m not sure it really means much other than an antonym to ‘ugly’. It’s too subjective to have much meaning in terms of aesthetics. I guess ‘beautiful’ means ‘I really like this’. But that still doesn’t tell us anything about the object, or why it’s liked.

That said however, watching the sky change so much was a very pleasant way to spend 30 minutes.

Stina Kosan
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