Folca – the former Debenhams Store

The vaccination centre is inside the former Debenhams store in Sandgate Street. I rather liked the surreal nature of it all; a little like being inside a Lindsay Anderson film.

Surrealism and the unusual becomes erased by neo-liberalism, commercial leisure, stadium-size entertainment, city streets as privatized spaces with private security systems and private security guards. Everything over-organized, too expensive, slightly empty of soul and feeling. Even now, Mermaid Beach is encroached with ‘new development’. A lot of art-washing going on.

Only later did I realize that I had missed a trick with the sea pictures. These were taken from The Leas and so the scale doesn’t get reproduced. I should have included people and then the size of the waves would have been appreciated. They were huge.

The ship is the Hoegh Galleon, LNG from Arzew, Algeria, ‘at sea for orders’. It was some way out into the channel, a blue ship on a blue sea, in a blue haze.

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