To the Finland Station

I would love to visit Russia. Take the train from Helsinki to the Finland Station, St Petersburg. Spend days dreaming in the Hermitage and the museums of the Revolution. Edmund Wilson’s book To the Finland Station remains a favourite book.

And then to Moscow, reading Gorky and Pushkin, Trotsky and Kropotkin. From there to the River Volga and beyond.

Atlantic Action II – St Petersburg to Philadelphia.

The Atlantic Action II en route from St Petersburg to Philadelphia.

The Comet Ace, car carrier, Tyne to Barcelona.

Make shift kitchen in the back of an empty lorry. Saucepan, tins, bottles of beer.

Not a ship, not a bus, train or truck would move an inch without human labour.

And consider how that labour is treated, how it is paid, what rights that labour has, what conditions that labour experiences.

Poster in the window of local RMT office.

More about the dispute.

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