Sea level

Quite a lot going on for a short walk.

The container ship Cap San Nicolas sailing from Antwerp to Algeciras.

ITV news carried a story yesterday about how Amazon destroys thousands of items each week. Many of them never used.

“Stuff that’s not even single use but not being used at all, straight off the production line and into the bin”.

But not before it is shipped half way around the world.

David Church, hopper/ dredger in the channel.

The Stolt Osprey en route to Aveiro, Portugal from Rotterdam. The coast of France
can be seen in the background

A contributing factor to the global mental health crisis is that no sane, rational person can comprehend why workers labour long hours, often in poor conditions for low wages. To make things which are taken from factories, transported on lorries and ships, unloaded into warehouses.

And then thrown away.

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