The Problem of London- Prologue

It was possibly Patrick Keiller who first raised the question, ‘the problem of London’. As there are no money-making opportunities in answering this question it has been neglected. But it is surely one of the key questions, not an incidental one? London is a large city. The building and maintenance of London requires immense quantitiesContinue reading “The Problem of London- Prologue”

The incidental dominance of exchange-value

A journey from reading the Grundrisse at 6am to a shopping centre and then EC1 at night. I spent a lot of time in a department store just watching the high definition televisions on display. It is as if the world is now a background which can be enhanced with film editing software, made brighter,Continue reading “The incidental dominance of exchange-value”

Stratford City

There is so much to write about. Sleeping dreams, waking dreams, vague notions of reality and consciousness. I went for a drink after work with a friend and work colleague. I enjoyed the conversation, his company, the couple of pints, the atmosphere and more. After we parted I did something I haven’t done for aContinue reading “Stratford City”

Chez nous, chez nous…le Notre Dame de Chartes

The more time spent inside, outside and in the environs of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Chartres the more puzzling it all becomes. Different theories exist about how the cathedral was built, what the iconography and images represent and whether it expresses a sacred geometry. The building is the result of several building campaignsContinue reading “Chez nous, chez nous…le Notre Dame de Chartes”