The new ruins crush the soul of the possibilities of earlier revolutions

There is a great market in Offenbach-am-Main three times a week, including Saturday morning. It’s a good place to practice speaking English. The repetition of buying fruit and vegetables and bread and cheese and fish and meat helps to remember the words. One of the stalls sells nothing but potatoes. I explained to the womanContinue reading “The new ruins crush the soul of the possibilities of earlier revolutions”


I phoned my mum from Berlin (or Ber-leene as she says it). I spoke in a formal voice.‘Guten abend’‘Guten abend’ she replied. There was a pause.‘Wie geht es dir?‘Ja gut’.‘Ich bin in Berlin’.‘Ja….’‘It’s me….I’m in Berlin…’We laughed so much. People might not realise that there’s still an older Germany in existence. An older Germany thatContinue reading “Ceciliengärten”

A Map of London Before 1987

Sometimes one buys a book instinctively. There will be one sentence, a headline, a particular type face, an image. Perhaps just the title of the book itself. Or maybe it’s the particular quality of the book. Such was the purchase of: 50 YEARS OR RECUPERATION of the Situationist Internationalby McKenzie Wark When the book wasContinue reading “A Map of London Before 1987”