Ship, moon, navigation buoy, limpets

The liquid natural gas carrier, Gaslog Wales sailing from Dunkerque to Freeport, USA. Freeport is part of the infrastructure of shale gas production. I liked the presence in time and space of the moon, the sea, and limpets stuck to a concrete breakwater. But the endless pursuit of growth and profit and the immense wasteContinue reading “Ship, moon, navigation buoy, limpets”


Titania, vehicle carrier, Bremenhaven to Southampton. Visby, ro-ro/ passenger ship, Dunkerque to Rosslare. This is a new service connecting Ireland to France to avoid ‘Brexit delays’ in Britain. The sky turned grey and sleet fell. I went to the shops and then walked home.

Walking to Calais

The container ship Argolikos en route to Le Havre from Antwerp. Sailing west past the port and town of Calais. There are continual competitive power struggles between units of capital. And yet at the same time there exists cooperation at a global level., Telecommunications masts on the French coast. The internationalization of communications. Wind turbinesContinue reading “Walking to Calais”

Hamburg to Dakar

On the recommendation of a friend I’ve acquired Patrick Keiller’s book ‘London‘. It complements well the other two books I’m currently reading, Voltaire’s Letters on England and Reyner Banham’s Theory and Design in the First Machine Age. We learn that in ‘1735 the French authorities were so disturbed by Voltaire’s book ‘Letters on England’ (LettresContinue reading “Hamburg to Dakar”