On the river

I had a clear idea to go to Gravesend and take the ferry across the river, but only a vague notion of what to do after that. On the basis of a suggestion I walked east towards DP World London Gateway. Procter and Gamble factory at West Thurrock seen from Ebbsfleet station. It makes soapsContinue reading “On the river”

Marx and Engels Arrive in Dover

A prelude to Revolution. ‘On November 27 [1847], Marx, Engels, Georg Weerth and Victor Tedesco met in Belgium’s North Sea port city of Ostend and caught a steamship for Dover the next day’. Love and Capital, Mary Gabriel – p111 Engels was in Paris in November 1847 and wrote to Marx in Brussels: ‘Saturday evening,Continue reading “Marx and Engels Arrive in Dover”


London Medway includes the ports of Sheerness and Chatham. They are owned by Peel Ports Group. The chair is the billionaire John Whittaker who maintains a 75 percent majority stake in the group. An Aldi distribution centre between Sittingbourne and Sheerness. It represents £50m of investment and employs 500 people. Aldi is in sharp competitionContinue reading “Sheerness”

Tilbury Docks

A vast industrial area continues to accumulate capital along both banks of the Thames. However, dock work and ship work have changed from being labour intensive to capital intensive. This process produces yet more competitive pressure on capital to accumulate yet further capital. While I was standing in a piece of waste ground taking photographs,Continue reading “Tilbury Docks”


An afternoon on the beach reading Robinson Crusoe and watching ships. Context reading is good fun. Reading art books in art galleries, books about trains while traveling on trains, cookery books in restaurants, history of Germany in a bar in Berlin, books about ships on cross channel ferries.