Force 6 to 8

Bright sunny day with ‘southwesterly severe gale force 9 decreasing gale force 8 imminent. It was refreshing to hear nothing but the crash of waves, the hiss of water running off the stones on the beach and the wind making noise where ever it could.

Regardless of the state of the sea, trade continues. Trucks lined up, road infrastructure, internet connections, logistics operations, software systems to track containers, ships and vehicles.

Brexit was a trick to create division, regardless of the state or otherwise of the European Union. Will we ever find out the true story? The secret contacts between the hard right of the Tory party and Russian oligarchs, Saudi absolutists, billionaire Americans. They all want de-regulation, tax havens, off-shore shell companies, dirty money to be in power. They gain and profit from chaos, zero-hours contracts, the privatisation of health and care, uncontrolled power to use tax-payers money in their interests.

As long as people think their enemies are Polish, Croatian, Lithuanian truck drivers then they will be divided and ruled as if conquered by an invisible force. Which in a sense they are; the power of capital.

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