MSC Sao Paulo on its way from Bremenhaven to Le Havre. An earlier voyage this year included Liverpool, Montreal and Antwerp. It has a carrying capacity of 4688 TEU. It sails under the flag of Liberia and its home port is Monravia. Over 50 percent of the population of Liberia live below the poverty line.

The B&M Group includes 600 B&M stores, 275 Heron Foods convenience stores and 90 Babou stores in France (the change of wording from ‘shops’ to ‘stores’ could be explored).

KFC has over 22,500 outlets in 150 countries. There are around 900 in the UK and employ over 24,000 people. The company has been criticised for poor animal welfare standards. Fast food is seen as a major factor in the increase in obesity. In the UK over 13 million people – around 30 percent of the population – are classified as obese. In 2017, customers spent £2.2bn in chicken fast food outlets in the UK.

Clear Channel is another global company with interests in the UK. It controls 35,000 sites which display advertising 24 hours a day. The claim of ‘Platform for Good’ is theirs. The advertising is of a type of drinks which have been criticised for encouraging under-age drinking.

Household debt in Britain is now at record levels. Housing, travel and utilities costs have risen considerably more than average wages in recent years.

It is estimated that 10 percent of high streets are now empty. The growth of internet shopping, high rents and high business rates are cited as contributing factors.

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