High Tide

Luft, Licht und Sonne was one of the principles which formed the Neues Frankfurt movement between 1925 – 1930. It still holds good, and even an hour’s walk during the day makes a great deal of difference. Not much Sonne, but plenty of Luft und Licht.

And a lot of rain. But the rain was refreshing. It was cold and relentless and it gave the sea an atmosphere of immense power.

The container ship Cosco Shipping Star on its way to Port Said from Felixstowe. The photograph was taken at the peak of high tide which is why it can be seen behind the harbour wall.

The oil/chemical tanker Lokholmen on its way from Ijmuiden (this is a link to a webcam) to Stanlow. The refinery at Stanlow provides 16 percent of all UK road transport fuels.

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