Part of the walk was across rough scrub land. It was much wetter and muddier than expected. Lines of barbed wire and keep out notices. Private property; which is a social relation, and a powerful one.

The church of St Lawrence at Hougham has experienced a significant amount of alteration. These changes, expressed for example in the doorways, were all political decisions.

The parish history is intricate and complex.

A substantial amount of the land was formerly owned by the church and monastic orders. Some of it came into the hands of local landowners during and after the Reformation.

Former common lands were appropriated through enclosures in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

It took about 100 years for the full electrification of England. The process was finally completed in the 1950s.

Constant revolutions in the means of communications seem to now be almost unnoticed.

Both these stiles are on public rights of way. Both of them are covered in barbed wire which makes them difficult and dangerous to use.

A glimpse of the sea, and more communications infrastructure.

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