Hamburg to Dakar

On the recommendation of a friend I’ve acquired Patrick Keiller’s book ‘London‘. It complements well the other two books I’m currently reading, Voltaire’s Letters on England and Reyner Banham’s Theory and Design in the First Machine Age.

We learn that in ‘1735 the French authorities were so disturbed by Voltaire’s book ‘Letters on England’ (Lettres philosophiques) that they would permit him to return to Paris only on condition that “he made a public recantation disowning the [book] and promised to behave better in future”.’

By coincidence, the evening concert on Radio 3 was the Oslo Philharmonic at the Elbphilharmonie. We were told by the presenter that there are views across the docks and harbour. Which of course, there are. The redevelopment of Hamburg will require further enquiry.

The Cathy Theresa an oil/chemical tanker on its way from the Port of Hamburg to Dakar in Senegal. It sails under the flag of Denmark.

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