A Bracing Walk

Snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures, sea state rough, wind northeast 5 to 7, increasing gale 8 at times. It’s reasonable to say that this was a bracing walk.

If only the government hadn’t given Serco £22 billion pounds for a track and trace system that doesn’t work, there might be some money to pay to grit the pavements. It was very difficult walking.

It looks as if the sea has ice floes but it’s just the white caps of the waves. The light was thick at times. On occasion, direct sunlight came through the clouds, turning the sea silver.

This is the Swift Ace, vehicle carrier en route from Davisville, USA to Emden in Germany. Davisville is one of the largest automobile ports on the east coast of the United States. Emden is the third largest port in Germany.

We have twice cycled along the Dutch coast to Emden. And once along the Ems canal. There have been other cycling trips to the Netherlands, including the journey that started in IJmuiden and took us along the river Rhine to Basel.

This is the MSC Lausanne, container ship, on its way to Hamburg from Valencia. Both ships are traveling northwards and therefore must use the shipping lane nearest to the French coast.

The tug ‘Doughty’ on its way to help a ferry into port.

This ship was too far off to identify. it might be the Bow Neon or the Moana. Must remember binoculars next time.

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