Tilbury Docks

A vast industrial area continues to accumulate capital along both banks of the Thames.

However, dock work and ship work have changed from being labour intensive to capital intensive.

This process produces yet more competitive pressure on capital to accumulate yet further capital.

AS Fatima – Container Ship – Tilbury – Bremenhaven
Nataly – General Cargo – Arrived from Tonnay Charente, France
Ranger, Container Ship – arrived from Brunsbuettel, Germany
Arco Beck, Hopper Dredger – on it’s way back to Dagenham
Otzias, Bulk Carrier – arriving from Bremen
Grande Tema,Ro-Ro Cargo – arrived from Ijmuden
Industrial estate over night stop for line of lorry drivers

While I was standing in a piece of waste ground taking photographs, a young couple with a small child and a dog came along and asked if they minded if they let the dog loose. ‘No, that’s fine’.

I discovered the man was originally from Hungary. The scrap of land that the dog and his small child were playing on is about to be ‘redeveloped’.

‘It’s all about money’, he said. ‘I would rather live in a world where’s it about human values’.

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