The City of London & Gothic Marxism

The Nightmare Before Socialism There are several keywords here. The City of London, Gothic, Marxism, Nightmare, Socialism. There are connections in the dynamic forces of capital as it relentlessly accumulates. The Gothic may be an association with horror. It can also be traced as a historical development which begins to form in an expressly consciousContinue reading “The City of London & Gothic Marxism”

Get back into the Offices

Get back into the officesfor your daily dose ofalienationexploitationoppressionimmiserationatomisationisolation Get back into the officeson the basis of our needsthat is; the richthere is dirty money therehidden, tax havensshell companiestax avoidance schemes Get back into the officesour friendsthe Russian oligarchsare asking whytheir profits start to fall Get back into the officesthe KuwaitiSovereign Wealth Fundhave given soContinue reading “Get back into the Offices”

Radical St Pancras Walk – Resources

The walk started at the British Library. Not the Thatcher-ite edifice some imagine – she cut the budget so it was never completed to the original design. The British Library was built on land which was once the railway yards of St Pancras station. Those yards were created by demolishing densely packed slums. An estimatedContinue reading “Radical St Pancras Walk – Resources”

St Pancras – Labour vs Capital

At Kings Cross station militant suffragettes handed out leaflets to the crowds of football fans arriving in London for the 1908 FA Cup Final. There were sharp words at times. Local working class women joined in and said to the men that they should listen to the Suffragettes. ‘They’re the only ones who talk sense’.Continue reading “St Pancras – Labour vs Capital”

Marx and Engels Arrive in Dover

A prelude to Revolution. ‘On November 27 [1847], Marx, Engels, Georg Weerth and Victor Tedesco met in Belgium’s North Sea port city of Ostend and caught a steamship for Dover the next day’. Love and Capital, Mary Gabriel – p111 Engels was in Paris in November 1847 and wrote to Marx in Brussels: ‘Saturday evening,Continue reading “Marx and Engels Arrive in Dover”