Broadgate; or how I learned to love (some) postmodern architecture

The train fares have gone up again. These increases are accompanied by marketing campaigns with inane grins which smirk about cheap tickets. Capitalism in the twenty first century is all about facades. The Spectacle has a new coat of paint but the rot beneath produces a greater stink. The speed of this Spectacle is notContinue reading “Broadgate; or how I learned to love (some) postmodern architecture”

Unconscious Collective

The train comes into Liverpool Street Station, platform 17 with a metal on metal sound of wheels on rails, the sound of bombs bursting, machine guns, rockets crashing through the glass canopy, people screaming, playgrounds, maternity hospitals and system-built housing estates collapsing in the explosions and fires. Soldiers, conscripts, mercenaries, cheap flop house petty thiefContinue reading “Unconscious Collective”

Level 10

Homogenised light, homogenised life. Under communism everything will look the same. Everything looks the same. Do we now have communism? The light washes out the day, this light washes out my soul. I forget where I was, that I live part-time, what seems like a whole life inside this corporate environment. These are the hardContinue reading “Level 10”